Sweden - Trams, Light Rail, and Metros
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1   Link   Stockholm-Stockholms tunnelbana
Stockholms tunnelbana is the metro system in Stockholm, Sweden. The system has three main lines and 100 stations, 47 of which are subterranean and 53 are above ground (surface and elevated) stations.
2   Link   Stockholm-Djurgården line
The Djurgården line (Djurgårdslinjen) is a heritage tramway with line number 7, running between Norrmalmstorg and Waldemarsudde in Stockholm, Sweden.
3   Link   Stockholm-Nockebybanan
Nockebybanan, SL line 12, is part of a tram system in Stockholm, Sweden, that also comprises Tvärbanan. The current line runs between Nockeby and Alvik in Stockholm’s western suburbs. At its greatest extent, it went from Nockeby to Tegelbacken in central Stockholm.
4   Link   Stockholm-Tvärbanan
Tvärbanan is a light rail line in the suburbs of Stockholm, Sweden. Its name literally translated into English is Crossways line, which because it connects many bus and rail lines crossways by linking together the southern and eastern subway branches of the Stockholm Metro (Tunnelbanan) and Stockholm commuter rail (Pendeltåg).
5   Link   Göteborgs-Göteborgs spårvägar [Tram]
The Gothenburg tram network (Swedish: Göteborgs spårvägar) is part of the public transport system organised by Göteborgs Spårvägar AB, controlled by Västtrafik in the Swedish city Gothenburg. The 80 km of track — making the Gothenburg tram the largest tram network in Scandinavia — is used by around 200 trams as of 2006, which serve twelve day-time and five night-time lines with a combined length of 190 km.
6   Link   Norrköping-Norrköping tramway
Norrköping tramway is a system of trams forming a principal part of the public transport services in Norrköping, a city in Sweden’s eastern Östergötland province.