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1   Link   Stockholm-Arlanda Airport
Stockholm-Arlanda Airport (IATA: ARN, ICAO: ESSA), is an international airport located in Sigtuna Municipality near to the town of Märsta, about 42km north of Stockholm and nearly 40km, by road, south-east of Uppsala. By rail the distance from Uppsala is considerably shorter, while the rail distance to and from Stockholm's centre is comparable to that of the road.
2   Link   Stockholm-Bromma Airport
Stockholm-Bromma Airport (IATA: BMA, ICAO: ESSB) is an airport in Stockholm, Sweden.

Bromma is Stockholm’s city airport and your fastest alternative to and from the Swedish capital.
3   Link   Stockholm-Skavsta Airport
Stockholm-Skavsta Airport (Swedish: Stockholm-Skavsta flygplats, (IATA: NYO, ICAO: ESKN) is an international airport located 100 km (62.5 miles) south of Stockholm, Sweden in the municipality of Nyköping. It serves low-cost airlines and cargo operators. Stockholm-Skavsta Airport is Stockholm's second largest airport, and the third largest in Sweden, with 2.0 mill. passengers.
4   Link   Stockholm-Västerås Airport
Stockholm-Västerås Airport, also known as Västerås Airport or Hässlö Flygplats (IATA: VST, ICAO: ESOW) is located about 100 km (62 mi) west of Stockholm, Sweden.
5   Link   Gothenburg-City Airport
Gothenburg City Airport or Göteborg City Airport (IATA: GSE, ICAO: ESGP), formerly (and still informally) known as Säve Flygplats, is Gothenburg's second international airport located 14 kilometres north-west from the centre of Gothenburg
6   Link   Gothenburg-Landvetter Airport
Gothenburg-Landvetter Airport (Swedish: Göteborg-Landvetter flygplats, (IATA: GOT, ICAO: ESGG)) is an international airport serving the Gothenburg region in Sweden. With 4.3 million passengers in 2006 [1] it is Sweden's second-largest airport.
7   Link   Malmö-Sturup Airport
Malmö Airport also known as Malmö Sturup Airport (Swedish: Malmö flygplats, Sturup flygplats) (IATA: MMX, ICAO: ESMS) is Sweden's third busiest airport, located approximately 28 km (17.4 mi) from Malmö and 26 km (16.2 mi) from Lund.
8   Link   Kalmar-Airport
Kalmar Airport (IATA: KLR, ICAO: ESMQ) is an airport in southeastern Sweden. The airport is located only some 5 kilometers west of downtown Kalmar.
9   Link   Luleå-Airport
Luleå Airport (IATA: LLA, ICAO: ESPA) (Swedish: Luleå flygplats) is located about 10km South East of Luleå, Sweden. Luleå airport is Northern Swedens (Norrland) largest airport and the 5th largest in Sweden.
10   Link   Umeå-Airport
Umeå Airport (IATA: UME, ICAO: ESNU), is located about 4 km south of Umeå, Sweden.